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David Hayes Featured on PBS – Legacy List

Atlanta Air Date: March 24th @ 5 PM, CH 8 & 30

Legacy List is a PBS Show hosted by Matt Paxton, the series captures the emotional trials and triumphs of families downsizing out of their homes, as Matt and his team of expert movers and conservators pack a houseful of memories.

In this episode they tackle to home of sculptor David Hayes, helping his son David, turn his late father’s farmhouse and barn into a museum that celebrates his dad’s work as an artist. Matt and the team roll up their sleeves and dig through the collection, finding not only artwork but also cherished personal items. David is in for a surprise when Matt tells him they even found Salvador Dali paintings he didn’t know he had.

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Vivian Maier - Chicago, 1962 (Pink Hat)
(Chromogenic Print - 12 x 12 on 16 x20 paper)

Alfred Stieglitz - Mountain and Sky - Lake George

Brett Weston - Spanish Village, Spain, 1960
(Silver Gelatin Print - 14.75 x 18.5)