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Rex Naden • Featured in Mosaic Magazine

A profile on photographer Rex Naden was recently published in Mosaic Magazine, March/April 2016.

© Rex Naden - Information Arrives, 2012

© Rex Naden – Information Arrives, 2012

The complete article can be viewed here as a PDF file: Mosaic Magazine – Rex Naden
Rex was also the subject of a 2014 Lumière solo exhibition, Western Light – A Point of View.
Complete information about Rex’s work, including a 3:45 video, is on his Artist Page.

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Wynn Bullocks’ 114th Birthday

Wynn Bullock was born April 18, 1902 and in celebration of his birthday it is a good opportunity to view these two videos of Bullock. The first see and hear Wynn as he discusses his work, his techniques, and his philosophy. Produced and directed by Thom Tyson in 1975, this documentary was originally released in 1976 as a 28-minute 16mm film. The clip shown here is an edited version, (4:51 length).

The second video is the full length version (14:10 length), from the Eikon Gallery Video Series recorded in 1971, (an edited 4 minute version can be found on Bullock’s artist page). Wynn Bullock discusses his photography and philosophy with host Steve James. James, along with his wife Sue James were owners and operators of the Eikon Gallery in Monterey California in the early 1970’s.

Wynn Bullock’s artist page – B&W
Wynn Bullock’s artist page – Color

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Al Weber (1930 – 2016)

Mojave Cloud Series #7, 1974

Mojave Cloud Series #7, 1974

Master photographer, teacher, mentor and advocate for excellence in photography, Al Weber has passed away at the age of 85.

Robert Yellowlees, Lumière founder, noted, “Al was a friend to many… personally and professionally. His work was admired, his advise sought and his integrity respected.”

“No matter the subject, the color, or perspective from ground or the air… Al’s photographs always radiate his commitment to excellence in his craft… whether behind the camera or in the darkroom in his Carmel Highlands studio.”

After his studies at the University of Denver and his service as a Marine
artillery officer in Korea, he relocated on California’s Monterey Peninsula.

Al was proud to be a teacher.

A University of California catalogue in 1980 said that he had likely taught more workshops than any other living photographer. His teaching included Monterey Community College, UC Santa Cruz, the Ansel Adams Yosemite Workshops (1963-1981), Friends of Photography and as a visiting professor or artist-in-residence at a dozen universities. He, and his wife Suzie, founded and managed the Victor School (of art) in Colorado for 30 years.

Select to view a Pictorial Tribute Exhibition of Al’s work.

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Tom Murphy – The Journey Through Yellowstone

Thirty years ago, renowned wildlife photographer, Tom Murphy embarked upon the expedition of a lifetime – he skied across Yellowstone National Park, in the dead of winter, by himself with only a blue tarp as a shelter. A life defining trip that has yet to be repeated.

At the age of 66, Tom went back across Yellowstone’s frozen landscape, this time with a film crew to document the journey. The expedition once again took him across the most remote and inaccessible parts of the park. He was pushed to the brink of his endurance and the trip tested his years of backcountry experience.

This film (slated for release late 2016), will document his journey across the park as well as explore Tom’s life as a photographer, his philosophy about nature, wilderness, and his love for the striking beauty and power of Yellowstone’s most unforgiving season – winter.

The journey began Feb. 20th and completed March 6th, traversing 160 miles across Yellowstone. You can see images from the journey on Tom’s TWITTER & INSTAGRAM feeds, a great way to experience the trip with images and commentary from the trail.

The Journey Through Yellowstone | from Rick Smith on Vimeo.

Additional information about Murphy’s work and a recent interview can be found on his Artist Page.

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NPR: Update on Search For Next “Ansel Adams”

January 27, 2016
The National Park Service is hiring a full-time photographer to document the country’s natural landscapes. NPR’s Audie Cornish talks to Rich O’Connor of the National Park Service photography program about the position, which some are comparing to the job held by Ansel Adams in the 1940s.

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Grolier Club Exhibition – New York City

Rare Douglas Keats Fresson Print To Be Shown

The Grolier Club, the oldest American society dedicated to book arts, will host an exhibition titled, The Grolier Club Collects II, from December 9, 2015-February 6, 2016, at the club’s headquarters in Manhattan. Each participating Grolier Club member is contributing one work of art on paper to the exhibition.READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Douglas Keats, Ranchos de Taos, Fresson Print

Douglas Keats, Ranchos de Taos, Fresson Print

Lumière’s contribution is a rare Fresson print of the San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church at Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, by artist Douglas Keats. Visitors are welcome to attend the exhibition, it is free and open to the public, at 47 E 60th St, New York, NY 10065.
The Fresson process is a complicated, proprietary method of printing using charcoal papers, which are made exclusively in a French workshop by the grandson and great-grandson of the original inventor Theodore Henri Fresson. Douglas Keats is one of a select group of artists who work with the Fesson family.
Closer to home, this summer, Lumière participated in a Grolier exhibition at the Pitts Theology Library at Emory University’s Candler School, which was held in honor of Grolier member David Parsons.
Two separate micro exhibitions at the Pitts Library illustrated the varied religious sanctuaries in two very different geographic regions: English colonies with ready ocean access in the East and the land locked Spanish settlements that occupied the Native American lands to the West.
Master Photographer Tim Barnwell photographed coastal churches and synagogues over a two-year period as part of a commissioned project to record major elements of the Southern Heritage. More of Barnwell’s work can be see at his Lumière artist page. Barwell is based in Asheville, NC, and is the author of three books on life and traditions in Appalachia. Contemporary photographer Douglas Keats photographed the San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church in the 1980s as part of a larger series on New Mexican churches. Keats was drawn to these hand-built adobe churches because they are the geographic and spiritual center of each Hispanic Village in the state.
The Grolier Club was formed in 1884 when New York printing press manufacturer and book collector Robert Hoe invited eight fellow bibliophiles to his home to discuss the formation of a club devoted to the book arts. The Club’s mission is outlined in its constitution: “The object of the Grolier Club is to foster the study, collecting, and appreciation of books and works on paper, their art, history, production, and commerce. It shall pursue this mission through the maintenance of a library devoted to all aspects of the book and graphic arts and especially bibliography; through the occasional publication of books designed to illustrate, promote and encourage the book and graphic arts; through exhibitions and educational programs for its members and the general public.”
Club exhibitions and events are open to the public, and the collection is available to scholars and amateur bibliophiles for research.

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Zeng Yi “Connects” With Carter Center Efforts

Master Chinese photographer Zeng Yi’s, The People’s China, an in-depth look at rural life in his country has a thematic link to the Carter Center’s 10-year efforts to foster democracy around the globe, said curator Sylvia Mansour Naguib, of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.

Though Zeng’s project grew out of his own interests, and he worked independently of the Carter Center, Ms. Naguib said in a recent interview that she was drawn to his sensitive depiction of the villagers and their surroundings when Zeng’s work was brought to her attention.
Priceless Wellness, Shandong Province 2009

Priceless Wellness, Shandong Province 2009

“Zeng Yi’s work has a quiet reverence about it. He finds a way to invite us in to the image and to come face to face with each subject’s dignity. Even though he is documenting a way of life and people’s surroundings, he provides us a way to sense the atmosphere whether it is a couple smiling about memories, children playing in the street, a woman frustrated at missing her bus, or a group of village sweethearts now in their seventies talking together.”
Woman Who Missed The Bus, 1984

Woman Who Missed The Bus, 1984

President Carter’s bold step in 1978 to normalize relations with the People’s Republic of China and the signing of important landmark agreements during Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping’s visit to the U.S. (the first of any leader of the PRC) were the beginning of an almost 40-year relationship with the leaders and people of China. During the 1979 visit of Deng Xiaoping, the U.S. and PRC signed agreements, among them a Cultural Agreement and an Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology. Ever since, President Carter has had a long-standing relationship and has visited the PRC many times after his presidency.
By 1992, The Carter Center and Global 2000 had completed two projects – training 300 special education teachers and administrators and fostering considerable growth in Chinese prothesis production.
In a quote from a 2013 speech by President Carter to the U.S.-China Relations Forum in Atlanta, President Carter says, “Being a keen observer of China and invited by the Chinese government to observe village elections since the 1990s, my staff and I believe in what Deng Xiaoping once said that all reforms will eventually lead to political reform. We also are convinced it is the decision of the Chinese people and their leaders when and how to expand and deepen political reform.”
Kids From Old Street, Guangxi, 2006

Kids From Old Street, Guangxi, 2006

In that same speech, President Carter remembers, “I had been in China as a young naval officer, and I had fallen in love with the country and with its people.”
Because this exhibition really looks at the people of China in more traditional settings, it seemed to capture a China that we don’t see as much. The current media shows us more about the changes, the modernization, the big cities, the economic engine that is China today.
These classic images capture a life that is quickly disappearing. More information can be found on Zeng Yi’s artist page.

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WABE Featured Master Photographer: Zeng Yi

WABE's Kate Sweeney interviews Bing Zeng

WABE’s Kate Sweeney interviews Bing Zeng

Atlanta public radio station WABE 90.1 broadcast a feature story on the photography of Zeng Yi, during the Oct 1st installment of City Lights. Kate Sweeney interviewed Bing Zeng, (Zeng Yi’s daughter) and Sylvia Naguib, Curator at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.
The exhibition entitled, The People’s China ~ Village Life, features the work of Zeng Yi, it offers an emotional insight into the everyday life and culture of millions of people in non-urban China. This view of Chinese life ties directly to work done by The Carter Center in China, supporting village elections and the democratization process.
Zeng Yi is curator and professor at Shandong College of Art and Design and one of the most recognized arts leaders in China. The Master Photographer has been recognized with numerous awards. His photography has been exhibited throughout the globe.
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Mario DiGirolamo – WABE Interview with Lois Rietzes on City Lights

Three days prior to the exhibition Visone at Lumière this interview was broadcast on WABE 90.1, Atlanta’s NPR Station. The entire post can be found on their web site under the title: Emory Physician’s World Travels Captured In New Photo Book.

Original Broadcast date: May 6, 2015 (Length 10:12)

DIALOGUE is designed for you…for additional ideas and information on artists and photography related subjects.

It is about WHAT’S NEW…Commentary in the form of SNAP SHOTS and DEEPER LOOK editorials, as well as access to context and texture through VIDEO INSIGHTS and LECTURES.
It's about Social Media. Follow our TWITTER and FACEBOOK feeds below…
We encourage sharing our content with your friends. We also ask you to SHARE YOUR COMMENTS (and suggestions) with us!


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